My husband, a banker, lost his life in a very bad car accident. It is very saddening and my family and I are very worried about how we will get by financially, without my husband’s support! Can we expect to be compensated for our loss?

New Jersey’s Wrongful Death Act was written to provide compensation to survivors for their financial losses which may have resulted due to the unexpected loss of a loved one. Generally speaking, the most significant recovery stems from the lost financial support. Compensation from lost financial support will be calculated based upon the financial contributions the decedent reasonably might have been expected to provide to the surviving family members had he or she lived. The amount of compensation will be adjusted for inflation, as well as discounted to adjust for the present value of future earnings.

While loss of support is one aspect of the recovery one can expect in a wrongful death suit in New Jersey, other recoverable damages include:

  • Loss of companionship
  • The value of domestic services such as housekeeping, childcare and other household chores
  • The pecuniary value of parental guidance and care which the decedent would have provided to his/her family, including developmental nurturing, coaching, education and guidance
  • Hospital, medical and funeral expenses that would have otherwise been provided for by the decedent.

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