Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI)

The Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) provides those being prosecuted for a criminal charge, generally first-time offenders, with opportunities to avoid prosecution in its normal course. PTI is a program which recognizes that sometimes personal, social or other problems can lead one down the wrong path and result in criminal act. PTI gives the defendant an opportunity to change their lives and avoid future criminal or disorderly behavior. If PTI is successfully completed, the defendant will not have a record of a criminal conviction, as well as, it will save the defendant the costs and expenses that they would otherwise incur in the normal course of a prosecution.

Conditions of Pretrial Intervention:

Generally, supervision while in the PTI program averages from one to three years. Some standard conditions of PTI include: random urine monitoring, assessments for fees, and penalties and fines. Other conditions that may also apply include: community service, payment of restitution, and submission to psychological and/or drug and alcohol evaluations with compliance to recommended treatment programs.

As previously stated successful completion of all the conditions of PTI will result in the original charges being dismissed and there is no record of conviction. On the other hand where the defendant does not successfully complete the conditions of PTI, then the defendant is terminated from the PTI and the case is returned to be prosecuted in its normal course, which could result in a criminal conviction.

Am I Eligible for Pretrial Intervention (PTI)?

Listed below are some of the factors which will determine if you are likely to be accepted into PTI:

  • Age – PTI adult defendants.
  • Residence – PTI is for New Jersey residents, but others may apply.
  • Jurisdiction – Only defendants charged with criminal or penal offenses in New Jersey criminal or municipal courts.
  • Minor Violations – Not eligible if the likely result would be a suspended sentence without probation or a fine.
  • Prior Record of Convictions – PTI generally excludes defendants who have been previously convicted.
  • Parolees and Probationers – Generally excluded without prosecutor’s consent and considered only after consultation with parole and probation departments.
  • Defendants Previously Diverted – excludes defendants who have previously been granted a diversionary program or conditional discharge.

Acceptance or non-acceptance into PTI is an appealable decision and the applicant may appeal the decision to the Presiding Judge of the Criminal Division.

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