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When a person or business is not in the condition to repay the debt, then they can file bankruptcy. In other words, filing bankruptcy can help a person making a plan to repay debts or discarding it. Generally, a bankruptcy case begins when the debtor files a petition with the bankruptcy court. There are chapters under which you can file it. If it has become impossible for you to pay debt, then feel free to contact us. Our Bankruptcy Lawyers can help an individual or business file bankruptcy. It can give you a fresh start as most of the debts are relieved once you file it. You can read more about the bankruptcy basics here. Talk to us now!

All bankruptcy cases are handled in federal courts. These are as per rules outlined in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The recent Covid-19 pandemic, executive orders implemented help to alleviate the impact of the pandemic which has shutdown many businesses. Economic relief measures have been legislated into law to include new emergency leave laws, the CARES Act and the Paycheck Protection Program.  The coronavirus has forced creditors to the table to deal with the economic fallout. In many cases, this assistance to compromise is just not enough and bankruptcy can be the best option. Contact us today!

Filing a bankruptcy under chapter 7 can give you a fresh start. In addition, you can get good credit score. However Chapter 7 isn’t for everyone. There are so many things to consider. Further, chapter 11 bankruptcy can also get a fresh start if you have a repayment plan. This is another form of bankruptcy that our lawyers can help you with. We can help you file it as you want. Call us today!

You can file reorganization bankruptcies under the following guidelines:

  • Municipalities can file under chapter 9
  • Businesses and individuals with many assets can file under chapter 11
  • Farmers and Fisherman can file under chapter 12
  • individuals with steady income can file under chapter 13

Hiring a qualified lawyer is recommended because bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal results. As a result, both parties can have long term relationship.

Contact our bankruptcy lawyers today. Learn more about your options under the current bankruptcy laws. We’re here to help.

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