Our Legal Practice Areas

There are many law practice areas in which a lawyer or attorney can practice based on his/her qualifications and experience. Attorneys at Riviere Advocacy Group have experience in many areas of law. Below is a list of our practice areas, however we can handle more than that. So contact us today for any legal help.

Practice Areas

Below is the list of our law practice areas.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries are very common cases. We can help you in personal injury cases like a dog bite, slip and fall, burn injury and motorcycle accident injury. In addition, we can fight for you in a cases related to medical malpractice, wrongful death and product liability injuries also.

Municipal Court Law

A lot of cases which are not severe are handled in municipal courts. We are experienced in handling BWI, DWI, reckless driving, driving while suspended license, suppression motion etc. as per state or municipal laws.

Criminal Law

Our team of attorneys are capable of handling criminal law cases like drug crime, sexual assault, disorderly conduct, and juvenile offenses. In addition, we handle cases related to cyber crime, internet and computer crime also.


Bankruptcy is one of the best solution for businesses or a person who are not able to repay the debt. We can help you file Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13 and “relief from automatic stay” cases. Contact us today to file a bankruptcy.

Business Law

A business needs a lot of agreements and papers to run it successfully. We can help you deal with intellectual property assets, internet and computer laws, and contract laws. Further, we help you manage trademark and copyrights also.

Workers Compensation

If you are hurt while performing job related duties, then you can ask for compensation from the employer. However you may need a lawyer to file a claim against the employer. Contact us today! As a result, we will help you get the maximum compensation from the injury.

Wills, Trust and Estate Planning

We can help executives and businessman to plan an estate for their business and property. We can help in creating Will, trust administration and estate planning related tasks.

Divorce and Family Law

Our network of attorneys can help you file divorce and other matrimonial cases in municipal and state court. We can handle cases involving family laws and divorce laws.

Gun Permit Law

If you want to purchase a gun or firearm, then as per New Jersey laws, you need to have Firearms Purchaser Identification (FPID) card. In other words, you need permission to have gun with you. We can help you file for FPID and get approval for the gun permit.

If you need any legal help in above areas or even in any other area which is not listed above, then contact us. As we have wide network of attorneys, therefore we can handle many types of legal case. So contact us today!

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