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Every municipality has a municipal court. Municipal Courts handle motor vehicle and traffic violations. In addition, it handles local town law violations, disorderly conduct and simple assault offenses. Further, It also deals with fish and game law violations and boating law violations. A municipal court lawyer can help you deal with municipal court cases. Contact us now!

Municipal Court in New Jersey

Municipal Courts are different from the Superior Courts of New Jersey. They handle both Civil and criminal cases. Many cases may start at the county level with the county Prosecutor who screens the criminal cases. They use their discretion to decide if a case should be heard in the County Court or sent back to the Municipal Court. Our Municipal Court Lawyers travel to locations throughout the State of New Jersey. This includes Jackson, Toms River and Howell Municipal Court. If you are looking information for a particular court, click here.

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Generally Municipal Courts see cases of a less serious nature. The United States Supreme Court requires the right to a jury trial to give prison sentence of more than six months. Therefore, the Municipal Courts is limited to deal cases where the jail term is six months or less. This is why you will not receive or see a jury trial in Municipal Court. Contact us for any help!

One should take Municipal Court charges seriously. The offenses in Municipal Court may not involve extended jail terms. However it can carry serious penalties and jail up to 6 months. In addition, it may lead to long term loss of license and huge fines. Some offenders face behavioral rehabilitation also. There are various legal routes to avoid a criminal conviction in Municipal Court. This includes the programs called conditional dismissal and discharge in Municipal Court. Give us a call for free consultation.

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