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An estate is the real and personal property a person possesses at death. When a person dies, all of his property like real estate, money, investments, and insurance become a part the estate. Estate administration is a process of collecting and managing the estate. It includes paying any debts and taxes, and distributing the remaining property as per the will. A Will actually decides the heirs of an estate. Contact us today for any help.

Each state has its own probate laws which govern the process of administration. Generally, the state in which the person lived in at the time of death is where the estate goes through probate. However if the real estate or some property is present in another state, then it may need to probate under the laws of that state also. Therefore several states have adopted a version of the Uniform Probate Code to make uniformity of the laws across the states. Talk to our attorney for any help in Will, estate or trust.

We have helped executors in the administration of estates. So, we have good experience in managing estates. Therefore we guide our clients as per the laws and give our clients sound legal counsel. Our legal advice is available from the very first estate decisions to the very last distribution of assets. One of  our attorneys can help you manage the estate in a better way.

How Estate Administration Attorney Can Help You?

  • Beneficiary Rights: Named beneficiaries to a deceased person’s estate who have rights to the estate. The beneficiary’s rights may come second to the rights of the creditors if the estate holds more debts than assets.
  • Will Contests: A formal objection raised against the validity of a will, based on the contention that the will does not reflect the actual intent of the deceased.
  • IRS Form 706: Filing a federal estate tax return within nine months after the death of a loved one for qualifying estates.
  • Executor Duties: Handling duties of executors and ensure that the financial and legal affairs of the deceased are completed.
  • Creditor Claim Disputes: Claims by the creditors of the deceased that arise before, at or after death.

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