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Dogs biting or injuring people are common in every state. In every state, the law is different for dog biting. In many states, the owner is strictly liable for any dog bites that take place. Where as some states allow the dog “one free bite.” If the dog has not violent tendencies in the past then the owner may not be held liable. In addition, if the owner has prior knowledge the dog may bite then a victim can ask for compensation for a dog bite. A dog bite injury lawyer can help you file a case for your injuries. So contact the best lawyers today!

State dog bite laws are a combination of local and state laws. Therefore, it is a good to consult with lawyer who specializes in animal bite laws in your area. In New Jersey, Dog owners are held strictly liable when victim is lawfully on private property or on public property and a dog bite occurs.

Our dog bite lawyer in NJ are available to answer your questions. Riviere Advocacy Group LLC has successfully won compensation for those who have suffered serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence in keeping their dog from harming others. Similarly , we can help you win your dog bite case.

Our lawyers will fight hard to get you compensation for your injuries. We will provide you with a free consultation. We will provide a case evaluation specific to the facts of your case. If we decide to take your case, you pay nothing unless our personal injury lawyers win. So feel free to contact us today.

Dog Bite Statistics?

Each day, about 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for dog bite injury.

The combination of pit bulls, rottweilers, their close mixes are those which are most common, and are responsible for:

  • 77% of attacks that induce bodily harm
  • 73% of attacks to children
  • 81% of attack to adults
  • 68% of attacks that result in fatalities
  • 76% that result in maiming

More statistical information is available here.

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One of our experienced Monmouth County lawyers will have to show that the defendant was the owner of the dog, that the dog bit the injured person, and the person bit by the dog was in a public place or lawfully on the owner’s property. When these three elements of the statute are satisfied the owner of the dog that bit the injured party is strictly liable for the injury caused by the dog bite, regardless of the owner’s prior knowledge of the dog’s propensity to bite. If your case involves a landlord who is not the owner of the dog that bit someone, the New Jersey courts have ruled that in order to find the landlord responsible for the dog bite, the person who sustained an injury as a result of the dog bite must prove that the landlord knew or should have known of the dog’s vicious propensity to bite.
  • Medical Bills
  • Hospital Bills
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Earning Power
  • Pain and Other Physical Distress
  • Psychological Suffering
  • Loss of Well-being as a Consequence of Injury and Losses
In New Jersey, owners are liable for their dogs’ attacks on other persons, regardless of whether the owners knew in advance that the dogs would attack. New Jersey provides for strict liability against the owner of a dog when someone in bitten by a dog regardless of the prior propensities of the dog to bite, as long as the statutory requirements are met. NJSA 4:19-16 (Liability of owner regardless of viciousness of dog) provides as follows: “The owner of any dog which shall bite a person while such person is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place, including the property of the owner of the dog, shall be liable for such damages as may be suffered by the person bitten, regardless of the former viciousness of such dog or the owner’s knowledge of such viciousness. For the purpose of this section, a person is lawfully upon the private property of such owner when he is on the property in the performance of any duty imposed upon him by the laws of this state or the laws or postal regulations of the United States, or when he is on such property upon the invitation, express or implied, of the owner thereof.”

Our firm works with our clients through contingent fee agreements. This means Riviere Advocacy Group LLC, agrees to be paid a fee only if your claim is successful, either through an out of court settlement or by a judgment following a court proceeding. Once a successful settlement or judgment has been awarded, our dog bite lawyers receive a percentage of the recovery.

If there is no recovery, there is no fee.