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Why do you need a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in truck accident litigation by your side when you are injured by a truck?

Just give a call to one of our Ocean County personal injury attorneys to discuss your case. First of all, it goes without saying that the size and weight of a truck as compared to that of a car is like that of a grapefruit as to that of a grape. Obviously, when a truck and a car collide, it is likely that the car and its passengers will not fare well. Sometimes, the passengers of the car will suffer severe injuries. Therefore, a truck accident injury attorney can help you file a case and recover proper compensation for the injury.

Having the right personal injury attorney by your side gives a lot of benefits. It helps to recover damages from injuries you suffered due to a truck accident. An attorney can make the difference between getting minimally compensated versus getting the full value of compensation for your case.

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Along with our legal knowledge, we use a series of trucking industry experts to help prove your case. As a result, it help us connect all the points related to truck accident. If you hire us same day, then we can find the cause of your collision by performing an investigation, which may include:

  • Reviewing the truck driving company’s records
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Analyzing the truck’s black box
  • Reviewing the truck driver’s driving record
  • Reviewing the trucking companies’ drivers’ training programs
  • Gathering police reports
  • Consulting trucking accident experts

We have helped many clients in getting full compensation for personal injury. Similarly we can do the same for you. So, just give us a call to discuss your case.

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The trucking industry is governed by numerous federal and state regulations. The federal regulations can be found in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 C.F.R. §§ 350-399). These regulations govern all vehicles engaged in interstate traffic. These regulations are also very extensive and can be confusing. Our central New Jersey truck accident lawyers are knowledgeable about these regulations and can analyze how they may apply to your truck accident case. Trucking accidents happen for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to, driver exhaustion, aggressive driving, DWI/DUI, dangerous roadways, overweight trucks, negligently maintained trucks and/or negligent hiring decisions made by the trucking companies. Under the previously mentioned federal motor carrier laws, a trucking company can be held responsible for its driver’s negligence.
When you are involved in a car accident in New Jersey, if your automobile insurance coverage is limited by the verbal threshold, you cannot recover non-economic damages in a lawsuit, unless you suffer from extremely serious, permanent and/or fatal injuries. When an accident involves a truck, there is no verbal threshold limitation about which you need to be concerned. As such, you will be able to collect for non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, with having to be injured to extent required in an automobile accident. Also, quite often, there will be a difference in the “value” in commercial truck cases as compared to auto-to-auto cases Commercial truck cases are potentially much larger with recoveries that are much greater. Generally speaking, this is due to the larger policy limits and coverage which commercial trucks carry. Where your personal auto policy may be as low as the mandatory minimum limits requiring $15,000, a commercial vehicle, such as a flat bed, company van, pick-up, tow truck, etc., usually carries much higher limits. This provides for a greater “pool” of insurance funds from which to recover.
By selecting an experienced personal injury firm, like Riviere Advocacy Group, as your truck accident lawyers, you can rest assured that we will protect your legal rights. The insurance companies will have their lawyers looking out for the insurance companies’ best interests; as such, you too should have an attorney looking out and advocating for you!