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If you have received summons to appear in municipal court, then talk to an attorney. Once you hire a Lawyer, the first thing he/she will do is to send a letter to the Prosecutor requesting copies of the discovery.

Discovery is a process through which a defendant finds out what the prosecution’s evidence against the defendant is. A defendant with the help of municipal court attorney can ask for:

Here is a what the letter will say:

By a copy of this letter to the Municipal Court pursuant to R.7:7-7(f), I am requesting that I be provided with all materials allowed to defendants by R.7:7-7, including but not limited to the following: (Where after your attorney will know what items to ask for and which will be relevant to your case).

You have right to receive and review all of the evidence your attorney asks for in your case.

Evaluating the evidences and then calculate it’s strength or weakness is one of the key reasons you need to hire an attorney on your case. So visit our office or call us now!

Generally an attorney asks for information about papers, documents, records or statements, reports of physical or mental examinations. In addition, you can ask for recordings, names and addresses of persons known to have relevant evidence of the case. These are just few reports, however you can ask for more reports depending upon your case.

How a Municipal Court Attorney can help You?

Have you received summons to appear in municipal court? Take it seriously and talk to our Municipal Court defense attorneys today at (732)-646-5529. We will help you collect all the evidences. Further, we will create a defense strategy based on the evidence and charges pending against you.

We have helped many people of New Jersey in defending in municipal courts. Similarly, we can help you. Talk to us now for the best advice.

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