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A suspended driver’s license does not allow you to legally drive any motor vehicle. In other words, your license is temporarily out of service. You need to wait for ending the suspension period. There are penalties for getting behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license. These penalties range from tickets to your vehicle getting impounded and other potential consequences. Our Traffic Ticket Lawyers can help you if you have received a summons for driving with a suspended license. Contact us today!

What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license?

Penalties for driving with a suspended license are either standard penalties or enhanced penalties. View full list of penalties here. It includes huge fine and the possible revocation of your license. Further, you can get enhanced penalties if your license is suspended for more dire reasons like assault by auto or no insurance.

The penalties for driving with a suspended license can be a hardship. In many cases we can reduce your penalties if the license is suspended for failure to pay traffic tickets. Our traffic ticket Lawyers can help you against this charge. Further, we negotiate with the prosecutor to get you a better plea deal.

If you receive a summons for driving while suspended then hiring an attorney can reduce your penalty.

How a traffic ticket lawyer can help you?

You can get license suspension for not paying a traffic or parking ticket. A defense lawyer know the options that you can use to reduce the penalties if someone catches you driving with suspended license. Motor vehicle department cannot place suspension without written notice. The notice should sent to the license at his last known address. Further, it should mention that the suspension will take place and date of the suspension.

If a judge suspend the license in front of defendant, then there is no requirement of notice. However, if department of motor vehicles suspend your license, then the state must prove notice. There are many other options which a lawyer can tell you. It depends upon the situation. Discuss your case with us and reduce your penalties.

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  • $500 Fine
  • $250 Motor Vehicle Surcharge per year for three years
  • Possible loss of license for six months
  • $750 Fine
  • $250 Motor Vehicle Surcharge per year for three years
  • Additional suspension of license for up to six months
  • Mandatory jail sentence of one to five days
  • Mandatory suspension of registration privileges if the offense occurred within five years of the last
  • $1000 Fine
  • Mandatory jail sentence of 10 days
  • Additional license suspension to be determined by Court
  • Loss of registration privileges also determined by Court