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Every state has created set of rules for workers compensation. These rules are for workers who gets injury at the workplace. It is generally known as Workers compensation law. However in some cases, due to the negligence of third parties, compensation can also be sought outside of the court. A Third party is a company or person, aside from your employer, who is responsible for your injuries. In that case, a worker may have a claim in both workers compensation and against a third party. For Example, If a drunk driver hits a worker, then a worker will be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, a worker can file a personal injury claim naming the drunk driver and her/his auto insurance company.

 This type of claim is applicable in a few situations only. You need to discuss your situation with an attorney. As a result, an attorney can file a worker’s compensation case on your behalf. Talk to us now!

Below are few of the situations in which one can file a case:

  • Employer or a coworker has intentionally harm the worker
  • injury due to defective products
  • Exposed to toxic substances
  • Improper arrangement of Tools

Government has made an insurance program compulsory for every employer. However a victim can file a workers’ compensation case and seek claim from a third-party. Employees can recover lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs. Visit our office in New jersey to file a case.

One of the caveats of workers’ comp law is it does not provide for compensation in the form of “pain and suffering”. Rather, there is limitation based upon “functional loss.” A functional loss assessment is how a Judge will determine your compensation. It includes the inability to carry out tasks at work or in daily living. An attorney can help you get compensation for any anatomical change or “functional loss”. Give us a call for best advice.

What Makes Us Different than Other Attorneys?

After we file for a claim, our office will obtain the medical evidence. We will then send you to a health care provider that will measure your injuries. The insurance provider will do the same. These doctors will prepare reports of their findings with regard to your injuries or sickness. The reports are used at the time of settlements. If there is no settlement, the case will go to a trial before a Workers’ Compensation Judge. Trial court will determine the final percentage of disability. As a result, it will lead to final settlement in terms of compensation. We can deal your case easily. So, contact us today!

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All settlements in Ocean County Workers’ Compensation Court will be subject to approval of the court. The Judge overseeing your case will ensure that you understand the terms of the settlement and hear your complaints to determine if the settlement is fair, just and reasonable. As, stated earlier you do not have to accept a settlement, but rather may proceed to trial if you choose and allow the Judge to make the decision. But know that if you do proceed to trial, you could get more than the proposed settlement, less than the proposed settlement, the same as the proposed settlement or perhaps nothing at all. The Judge will tell you this.