Directors’ And Officers’ Liability With You New Jersey Business

As a Director or Officer of a business certain actions that are undertaken can be illegal, unauthorized, or damaging to the business. Although the corporate veil normally protects the business form personal liability, Directors and Officers may still be open to liability. Directors and Officers (or D & O) liability insurance is different from general liability or business owner’s insurance because it provides financial protection for an individual or individuals. It usually does not cover penalties, punitive damages, fines or claims made on a criminal basis. In today’s world, business owners may want to consider directors and officers liability as a part of their overall insurance program. It provides coverage for directors and officers of an organization in the event they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to the organization. As your business grows and your assets increase in value our experienced attorneys can help you evaluate your options and polices to make sure you are protected.

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