Drug Possession Defense

You may be thinking that “the drugs were in my pocket” so I have no defense. Wrong! Drug Possession defense lawyers know the legalities of the who, what, where and when’s of law enforcements ability to search and seize drugs. Just like the rest of society, the cops make mistakes.

If there was a mistake made by the police our attorneys are confident we will find those mistakes and use them to build you a solid criminal defense. As stated previously many times drug possession charges arise from a motor vehicle stop. Things our attorneys will review include did they police have probable cause to stop the vehicle, did they have consent, probable cause or a valid warrant to search the car? If they did something wrong in this process it can lead to the prosecution not being able to use the improperly seized drugs, as evidence, against you in your case.

Furthermore, many times when you are arrested you will be questioned by police while in custody. Before they can interrogate you they are required to read you your Miranda rights. This is another aspect of the case where the cops may have made mistakes and once it again it can lead to incriminating evidence, in the form of a statement(s), which may be thrown out (suppressed).

New Jersey has some of the toughest drug laws in the country but it does also have programs to give those who made a mistake a second chance or those who truly have a drug addiction, a chance at rehabilitation, rather than carrying a guilty conviction on their records or be sentenced to prison time. These programs are called PTI (Pretrial Intervention) and Drug Court.

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