Federal Bankruptcy Rule 2004

The United States Trustees Office has a variety of methods to investigate debtors for possible fraud. They can examine the documents you submitted or even compel an oral examination. Debtor’s affairs are carefully investigated by trustees or creditors’ committees who have broad authority to conduct such investigations.

Federal Bankruptcy Rule 2004 provides that the Bankruptcy Court may order the examination of any entity or person. With Rule 2004 examinations, and adversary proceedings, the USTs can help AUSAs by identifying conflicting and false statements made under oath. If a Rule 2004 examination is ordered by Court and debtors fail to appear or submit documents, sanctions will follow.

If you or someone you know is the subjection of an investigation during a bankruptcy process, you must not take it lightly. For if fraud is found, you may face criminal charges. Riviere Advocacy Group LLC works with our own team of experts and investigators, to counter the government’s investigation, and build your best possible defense.

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