How much is my case worth?

This is a question that is commonly posed by clients. As mentioned previously, no two cases are the same, and your recovery will be unique to your circumstances. There care certain factors that will allow a glimpse into how your recovery may be valued by the insurance company. These are the injuries or damages suffered compared to your amount of fault in the accident. Putting a value on cases at the outset is not something that attorneys can usually readily determine. It takes some time to for the attorney to look at the evidence at-hand, your injuries after being fully examined by medical professionals, as well as the defense presented by the other parties for a discernable amount to be determined.

A case is essentially a battle between stories. The plaintiff’s attorney tells his client’s story through the pleadings, motion practice or if it goes to trial, at trial. The attorney then supports that story with evidence in the form of witness testimony, medical testimony, photographs, videos, films, and other physical evidence.

Then, the defense attorney tells his side of the story in the same way. At the end, the case either settles based upon this evidence, or at the end of a trial, the jury is going to find in favor of the side with the most credible story. Jurors are smart, and they look for holes in the story. They look for lies and omissions. They like to reward honest people and punish liars.

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