NJ Business Franchisee Law Representation

Under the New Jersey Franchise Practices Act (NJSA 56:10-1)(“NJFPA”) sets forth a number of legislated rights designed to benefit franchisees. Both franchisors and franchisees with operations in the state of New Jersey should be aware of the NJFPA and its legislated rights, including NJFPA’s extremely vague “prohibition” against “unreasonable standards of performance”. Franchisor Standards of Performance must be “Reasonable”. Under the NJFPA franchisors are prohibited from imposing “unreasonable standards of performance on franchisees”. This extremely vague “prohibition” is open to a broad range of interpretation and is designed, among other things, to prevent the termination of franchisee rights under the pre-text of “non-compliance”. We will review franchise documents, explain your standards of performance and advise you throughout the process of purchasing or selling a franchise.

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