Review Of NJ Retail, Office, Industrial Lease For Your Business

Opening shop is very exciting! However the first deal may not be the best and the terms of the lease may not be the best either. One of our Ocean County attorneys can help review the commercial lease. Some common mistakes that we see are people, Accepting the Terms of a Standard Lease, Assuming the Landlord’s Proposed Lease Is Fair, Failing to Understand Your Negotiating Position, Overlooking Market Research and Signing a Lease Without Understanding Its Terms. Most leases are full of legalese that can make the untrained eyes glaze over. Therefore it is important to have an attorney read its entirety and understand what each provision means and advise you of such. For instance, what happens if the landlord’s lender forecloses? Or what happens if you need to terminate the lease? It is far more likely that the landlord’s attorney has crafted a lease that favors the landlord in terms of the rights and obligations of each party. Therefore, it is imperative for you to negotiate a lease that also has your best interest in mind.

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