The Law on Motorcycle Accidents

All motorcycles registered for purposes of street use in New Jersey are required to have insurance to cover injuries and other losses in the event of an accident. The State of New Jersey requires motorcyclists to carry insurance policies with mandatory minimum limits to protect both the riders and other persons in the event of accidents. It is advised that the motorcycle owner should carry insurance beyond the minimum mandatory coverage by purchasing additional coverage for uninsured and underinsured (“UM and UIM”) motorist coverage. The UM/UIM coverage provides coverage in the event that the rider and his/her passenger(s) is injured by a motorist who fails to maintain insurance or carries a policy with limits too low to cover the extent of damages and personal injuries received from a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle insurance is unique because it does contain the same as personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits contained in automobile insurance policies. Motorcycle insurance does not cover the payment of medical bills for the insured motorcyclist or his/her passenger when an accident happens. This type of PIP coverage must be specifically requested with an insurance carrier who can provide such coverage. When you have been involved in an accident on a motorcycle, call the attorneys at Riviere Advocacy Group, and they will thoroughly review all of the applicable insurance policies. They will help you get the protection and compensation that you deserve.

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