What will the Conditions of my Discharge be?

Once you received a conditional discharge you must abide by the conditions imposed by the court. If you violate the conditions of your discharge, you will be terminated from probation and you once again have to face the original criminal charges against you. In most case a conditionally discharge involves minimal or no supervision.
The law says, “In no event shall the court require as a term or condition of supervisory treatment under this section, referral to any residential treatment facility for a period exceeding the maximum period of confinement prescribed by law for the offense for which the individual has been charged or convicted, nor shall any term of supervisory treatment imposed under this subsection exceed a period of three years.”
So the most one can be supervised for is for three years and this happens rarely. In those courts where they take a more active approach you may have to submit to random drug testing to show the court that you are drug free.

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