Why does it make a difference if I was in an accident with a Commercial Vehicle?

When you are involved in a car accident in New Jersey, if your automobile insurance coverage is limited by the verbal threshold, you cannot recover non-economic damages in a lawsuit, unless you suffer from extremely serious, permanent and/or fatal injuries. When an accident involves a truck, there is no verbal threshold limitation about which you need to be concerned. As such, you will be able to collect for non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, with having to be injured to extent required in an automobile accident.

Also, quite often, there will be a difference in the “value” in commercial truck cases as compared to auto-to-auto cases Commercial truck cases are potentially much larger with recoveries that are much greater. Generally speaking, this is due to the larger policy limits and coverage which commercial trucks carry. Where your personal auto policy may be as low as the mandatory minimum limits requiring $15,000, a commercial vehicle, such as a flat bed, company van, pick-up, tow truck, etc., usually carries much higher limits. This provides for a greater “pool” of insurance funds from which to recover.

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